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Well, I've been lucky to see again my constellations after more than one week of break due to bad weather. I wondered.

I was prepared, you know?


Over the clouds and the trees, was shining Jupiter...

Astrophoto time!

I was happy to see again Pleiades (I see 6 stars) and Hyades. I have seen Theta Tauri 1 and 2, Phaeo and Phaesyla, my second double star of my life!

Canis major[]

... like Sirius did.

This is the first star I saw this night, when the clouds leaved a part of the sky.

This is also when I photographed the first astrophoto of the night.


And the brothers Castor and Pollux.


Anything else to say? No.

This is the most seen constellation from me...


I looked at Capella and saw the rest after.