Well, how the sky can suprise astronomy fans? I succeeded to see a few stars, plus three constellations completely, because the clouds cohabited the sky with the stars.

The Moon was up, the first star shining in the sky was Jupiter, and lighted later Sirius.

Taurus Edit

Only the Pleiades, Jupiter and Aldebaran.

Orion Edit

I saw totally the constellation.

Procyon Edit

In the Canis Minor constellation, it was at the right of the Moon.

Regulus Edit

In the Lion constellation, it was at the left of the Moon.

Dubhe and Merak Edit

The pointers, in the Ursa Major constellation.

Pollux and Castor Edit

In the Gemini constellation.

Capella Edit

In the Auriga constellation.

Moon Edit

When I went outside, the first I wanted to see - and I saw - was the Moon. It is in the Cancer constellation, and used to help finding some stars.

The Moon also did Sun's job, that is, it lighted the ground (and the snow). Maybe I'll photography it another day.

Cassiopeia Edit

No more comments.

Pegasus Edit

Plus Mirphak.

Hydrobius and AshleshaEdit

In Hydra constellation. I couldn't see other stars because of the dazzling moon.