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Kameyu's astronomy Wiki is a wiki which publishes latest observations from Quebec, Canada. This wiki is about my astronomy. I'll write my observations here, so people can discover what my eyes see. Don't worry, these things are amazing!

There are currently over 58 articles since January 27th, 2013, and it's not done!

All pages can be edited (for typos, grammar and structure) and you are welcome to join my wiki and contribute constructively to this wiki. Everyone is free to create a new page or edit an existing one. If you have any questions about the wiki or helping out, you can ask the administrator of this wiki. I'll be happy to help! If you would like to consult with other users the community forum is always a good option!

A dark city sky can have surprises ;) Enjoy the stars!

Note for pictures: Only pictures shown in the main page come from the founder/admin. The others come from Flickr. ­


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Observation of March 15th, 2013

I woke up at 2:45am, and did astronomy during all the night.


It's the first time I can confirm officially the observation of Leo!

Yeah! BUT, I've been disappointed when I saw that Regulus is not as bright as I thought.

Castor and Pollux

What are you doin' guys at that time?


I wanted to see more constellations, so I observed Cassiopeia.


Saturne capture.png

I didn't miss the 6 o' clock to observe Saturn, successfully.

I can confirmate the observation of the Lord of the Rings. :)

Astropictures by the admin/founder

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