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The planet Jupiter, on New Year's day, 2013.

Jupiter is the superlative planet of the solar system.  It is a gas giant with one-thousandth of the Sun mass but is two and a half times the mass of all the other planets in the Solar System combined.

Almost a brown dwarf star!

Where can I see it?[]

In 2012-2013, it will be visible in Taurus constellation. It allows people to see the brightest and the most amazing side of the night sky. It is the fourth brightest object (sometimes the fifth, when Mars is brighter than the planet queen.)

When you see two very bright stars, in the constellation, Jupiter is at the right, at the left it's Aldebaran.

The Taurus constellation is at the north-east of Orion.


All normal cameras can take in picture Jupiter as a white point. A telescope and a special camera is needed to photography the details of the planet.