Kameyu's astronomy Wiki

The constellations observed (in the gray rounds) and Jupiter (♃). We can't see Sirius in this picture.

New constellations have been observed today, but not in the best conditions...

In total, I saw 7 constellations, generally by a part of their stars.


I saw a group of 4 stars near Cassiopeia. They were Almaak, Mirach, Sirrah (Andromeda) and Scheat (Pegasus).


The first time of this winter, but I already oberved it.

Triangle (Triangulum)[]

It looked like Canis Minor. I didn't see the third star. Just close from it is my astrologic sign Aries.


Like always... It's not the first time I see it. I saw it much times, but it's a pleasure to see it.

Bull (Taurus)[]

I observed few stars of Pleiades, Jupiter, Aldebaran and few members of Hyades.

Canis major[]

I observed one of the most bright stars of the night sky, Sirius, and Mirzam.