This is my astro night. I have a list of the constellations and objects to see.

However, I saw more constellations. I beat another record.

Mercury Edit


Just between the two trees, Mercury.

For the second time. I photographied before the stars appeared in the sky.

It was very difficult to photography, because it is less brighter. However, I succeeded. Yay!

Aries Edit

I planned to see this constellation.

Andromeda Edit

I wanted to see Andromeda galaxy, but I think I can't see it. :(

Cassiopeia Edit

Just to see it.

Cepheus Edit

The house's still here.

Big Dipper Edit

No more comments.

Gemini Edit

Auriga Edit

And Capella.

Taurus Edit


Wonderful duet, right?

I photographied this wonderful duet Moon-Jupiter. Also observed Pleiades and Aldebaran.

Cancer Edit

My mother's zodiacal sign. It looks like a rake.

Canis major Edit

With Sirius and the other stars.

Canis Minor Edit

With Procyon.

Perseus Edit

Always a nice constellation.

More Edit

I planned a new night to see new constellations, like Canes Venatici and the Giraffe.